3 Reasons to Monitor a Chinese Business

3 Reasons to Monitor a Chinese Business

While there are many reasons why you might want to keep track of the ongoing status of a Chinese company using Nuna Network's Verify & Monitor service, we have outlined the top 3 use cases we hear from clients. At their core, all can be summed up by a desire to avoid surprises and reduce risk.

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In case you aren't familiar with it, Nuna Network’s robust monitoring services allow you to look up, verify and track a company for any changes to its records against 55+ data points updated in realtime.  If you intend to work with your vendor on an ongoing basis, Nuna Network ensures that they remain compliant. Be the first to receive alerts on any change of company status. This in turn allows you to be confident in your partners, growing and protecting your business together.

Top 3 reasons to use advanced monitoring on a Chinese company:

  1. Ensure compliance: for ongoing relationships, Nuna Network monitoring services ensure your partner remains as compliant as they were the day you audited them.

    For companies that have contractual obligations to make sure their vendors and suppliers are compliant, a one-time audit may not be enough to satisfy your ongoing compliance needs. Set it and forget it with Nuna Network's Verify & Monitor service.

  2. Get alerts on any changes: if being the first to know is important to you, or beneficial to your business, then Nuna Network’s realtime alert system is built for you.

    Great for companies that live and die by supply chain continuity. Even if you have a backup plan in place, it helps to know when you need to activate that plan, as early as possible.

  3. Realtime: your KYB / AML efforts are only as good as your data. Our realtime monitoring uses the most current data available.

    Great for law firms and financial institutions that don't want to wait for reporting or audit results, and can't rely on old data to make important decisions here and now.

Need help properly vetting your suppliers? Nuna Network is here to help. We’re the partner of choice and go-to resource for businesses or individuals seeking guidance in researching, developing, and establishing relationships with companies in China.

Nuna Network offers more than a one-time report, but a range of validation, verification, and diligence services that help you determine the authenticity of a Chinese company. Check out our valuable guides, helpful tips, and other practical information to help you navigate the complex landscape of Chinese Businesses.