Sourcing Products in China: 7 Key Trade Fairs

Sourcing Products in China: 7 Key Trade Fairs
Sourcing Products in China: 7 Key Trade Fairs

China hosts a wide variety of trade fairs throughout the year in various cities, each with a different area of focus.

Attending a Chinese trade fair can help you assess and source a wide variety of products, services, and merchandise available. These fairs can give you an opportunity to meet with a variety of suppliers and discuss your requirements in person with the Chinese business.

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As you embark on establishing your business with a Chinese company, you likely will need to source products, goods, and materials from China. An excellent starting point is visiting one or more of China’s trade fairs. Each is known for one or more specialties, and attending one can introduce you to a range of suppliers and enable you to discuss your requirements in person. If you do decide to attend on of the China sourcing fairs, you may decide to hire a short-term guide or docent to help you with translation and other logistics you’ll need to cover while visiting China.

Below we’ve outlined the seven largest and most popular Chinese trade shows which are spread across the country in various regions and cities.

1. China Import and Export Fair (also known as the Canton Fair): 中国进出口商品交易会

LocationQuick factsContact information
Guangzhou (previously known as Canton)• Longest-running foreign trade event in China (1957)
• Frequency: twice annually, spring and fall
• Attendance: 200,000
• Exhibitors: 25,000
• Guangzhou International Conference & Exhibition Center
• +86-20-28888999

2. Hong Kong Electronics Fair: 香港电子展

LocationQuick factsContact information
Hong Kong• Asia’s largest electronics fair
• Frequency: twice annually (May and October)
• Attendance: 60,000
• Exhibitors: 3,000
• Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
• May show:
• October show:
• +852-1830668

3. East China Import & Export Commodity Fair: 华东进出口商品交易会

LocationQuick factsContact information
Shanghai• Co-sponsored by nine of China’s eastern provinces and cities
• Second-largest trade fair in China
• Frequency: Annually in March
• Attendees: 20,000
• Exhibitors: 4,000
• Shanghai New International Expo Center
• +86-21-63539968

4. China Yiwu International Commodities Fair: 中国义乌国际小商品博览会

ocationQuick factsContact information
Yiwu• Leading source for crafts, stationery, toys, knitwear, and accessories, and Christmas decorations
• Frequency: year-round
• Attendees: 200,000
• Exhibitors: 2,500
• Yiwu International Expo Center
• +86-579-85415888

5. China International High-Tech Achievement Fair: 中国国际高新技术成果交易会

LocationQuick factsContact information
Shenzhen• Home to the most high-tech companies among Chinese cities
• China’s premier technology show
• Frequency: Annually in November
• Attendees: 500,000
• Exhibitors: 3,000
• Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center
• +86-755-82849990

6. China Electronics Fair: 中国电子展

LocationQuick factsContact information
Shenzhen (spring)

Chengdu (summer)

Shanghai (fall)
• Roadshow format held in three principal Chinese cities: Shenzhen, Chengdu, and Shanghai
• Largest of its type in Mainland China
• Frequency: Three times a year (spring, summer, fall)
• Attendees: 60,000
• Exhibitors: 1,300
• Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center
• Shanghai New International Expo Center
• Chengdu Century City New International Convention & Exhibition Center |
• +10-51662329

7. Asia Outdoor Trade Show: 亚洲户外用品展览会

LocationQuick factsContact information
Nanjing• Focuses on products and merchandise for the outdoors
• Held in conjunction with the Asia Bike Trade Show
• Frequency: Annually in June and July
• Attendees: 20,000
• Exhibitors: 600
• Nanjing International Expo Center
• +86-25-86891092

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