China Compulsory Certification (“CCC”) Explained

China Compulsory Certification (“CCC”) Explained
China Compulsory Certification (“CCC”) Explained

The China Compulsory Certification (CCC) certificate and accompanying mark indicate that a product carrying this certification complies with the appropriate standards for that particular product.

The CCC adds another layer of protection as it indicates that both Chinese manufacturers and importers are legally able to sell the product in Mainland China.

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Any product that displays the CCC mark must be licensed, certified, and approved to use the mark. In addition, many products imported into China also may be required to hold this certificate and obtain a license to display the CCC mark.

Official CCC mark

The China CCC certificate indicates that the marked products comply with the appropriate standards for that particular product. The China CCC program strives to support better product quality management and consumer protection.

Example of an official CCC document.

China Compulsory Certification Decoded

Delivered in both Chinese and English, the CCC follows a standard format and contains the following information:

  • CCC logo
  • CCC certificate number
  • Name and address of the applicant, manufacturer, and factory
  • Product details that the certificate covers
  • Standard(s) to which the product(s) adhere
  • Issue date
  • Expiration date
  • Certification company details: name, address, website, logo and stamp, and representative’s signature

Issuing Entities

A number of certification entities can issue the China CCC certificate as long as the Certification and Accreditation Administration, or CNCA, has accredited them. Different entities are responsible for certifying different classes of products, and some are specific to particular industries. For example, the China Certification Centre For Automotive Products (CCCAP) certifies automotive products, and the China Certification Center for Fire Products (CCCF). The vast majority of CCC certificates come from the China Quality Certification Center (CQF), an issuing entity that has a broad scope for accrediting products across a wide variety of industries and categories. The official China CCC site (in English) provides additional information and details about the CCC certification and the process companies must go through to obtain this certification.


As we referenced above, a range of Chinese- and foreign imported products are required to carry the CCC certificate and display the CCC mark. That certification allows both manufacturers and importers to sell these products in Mainland China.

Product Category Requirements

Numerous product types must carry the China CCC certificate. We’ve organized them into their respective categories below.

Consumer products

  • Household and similar electrical appliances
  • Audio and video apparatus (not including the audio apparatus for broadcasting service and automobiles)
  • Lighting apparatus (not including the lighting apparatus with the voltage lower than 36V)
  • Decoration Materials
  • Toys


  • Motor vehicles and safety accessories
  • Motor vehicle tire

Commercial machinery and other tools

  • Low power motors
  • Electric tools
  • Welding machines
  • Agricultural Machinery

Public safety products

  • Fire Fighting Equipment
  • Safety Protection Products
  • Safety Glasses

Telecom and other information technology products and components

  • Information technology equipment
  • Telecommunication Terminal Products
  • Wireless LAN products

Electrical components

  • Electrical wires and cables
  • Circuit switches, electric devices for protection or connection
  • Low-voltage Electrical Apparatus


With all official Chinese business documents, it’s important to verify the legitimacy of the CCC certificate, and ensure the company can legally use the mark on its products. While many businesses or individuals seeking to do business in China can utilize the CNCA’s English-language database, the process is complex and challenging.

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