China Bank Account Certificates Explained

China Bank Account Certificates Explained
China Bank Account Certificates Explained

A China bank account certificate authorizes a company registered in Mainland China to open a corporate bank account and conduct business in China.

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The China bank account certificate is one more piece of documentation that helps you verify that a Chinese company is a legitimate, legal business. It also provides you with the ability to make payments to and from the company’s official bank account.

Example of a China bank account certificate


The title “开户许可证” appears at the top of the China bank account certificate, which means “Open Bank Account Permit.” The following entries appear on the certificate:

  • Permit Number (核准号), a 14-digit code beginning with a letter followed by 13 numbers
  • Certificate Number (编号), typically 12 numbers
  • Official Company Name
  • Legal Representative or Responsible Person (法定代表人/单位负责人)
  • Opening Bank Name (开户银行)
  • Bank Account Number (账号)
  • Issuing Authority (发证机关), including a red stamp from the People’s Bank of China (see below)
  • Year (年), Month (月), and Day (日)

Issuing bodies

The People’s Bank of China remains the only entity that can issue a China bank account certificate. While other banks may apply for this certificate when a newly registered Mainland China company applies for a corporate bank account with a Chinese bank, the People’s Bank of China must approve all certificates. The red seal appearing in the bottom-right corner of the China bank account certificate indicates its approval.


The Chinese government requires that all companies registered in Mainland China must obtain a China bank account certificate when it applies to open an account with a Chinese bank. Once the company receives an approved certificate, it then may open other accounts such as foreign currency accounts. Small- and medium-sized businesses doing business in China should follow a good rule of thumb and ensure that the Chinese company makes payments exclusively to the bank account indicated on the China bank account certificate. However, it is important to note that starting in early 2019, newly registered Chinese businesses will no longer be issued printed bank account certificates.


With all official Chinese business documents, it’s important to verify their legitimacy – a process that is complex and challenging.

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