Chinese Trademark Registration Certificates Explained

Chinese Trademark Registration Certificates Explained

The China trademark registration certificate indicates that a Chinese company has an officially-registered and authorized trademark on its products.

A verified document ensures that the company has the clearance to use the trademark and that its intellectual property remains protected. A valid China trademark registration certificate safeguards you against possible legal action for trademark or intellectual property disputes.

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Example of a Chinese Trademark Registration Certificate

Example of a Chinese Trademark Registration Certificate


As with most official government documents, the China trademark registration certificate bears China’s national emblem at the top, followed by the following entries in order of appearance:

  • Registrant (注册人)
  • Registrant Address (注册人地址)
  • Registration Date (注册日期)iv>
  • Expiry Date (有效期至)
  • Director Name (局长)
  • Issuing Authority (发证机关)

Issuing bodies

The China State Administration for Industry and Commerce (AIC) Trademark Office issues the China trademark registration certificate.


While the Chinese government does not require businesses to hold this certificate, most companies in China register their brands and logos to protect their intellectual property. Companies registered outside China also can obtain a China trademark registration certificate for legal protection and to plan for future expansion within the Chinese market. China trademark registration certificates remain valid for 10 years from the issue date, after which the company must renew its certificate to extend the protection that this document covers.


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