Popular Websites for Sourcing in China

Popular Websites for Sourcing in China

There are many more digital and online resources for researching and finding Chinese suppliers than just Alibaba.

Understanding the full range of digital resources for sourcing Chinese vendors and suppliers can increase your options and help you cross-check and cross-verify information on potential Chinese business partners.

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When researching Chinese suppliers, many new to the process may think that Alibaba is the only resource at their disposal. While Alibaba remains the largest and most popular among China sourcing websites, there are a wide variety of other options available to small and medium-sized businesses conducting research to find Chinese suppliers.

In this article we explore more than 20 websites that you can use to locate and do research on Chinese vendors, including contact information, photos, product offerings, and any required certifications and requirements. Using these online resources can be a very helpful starting point as you begin the process of sourcing products, goods and services from Chinese suppliers. All are in English unless otherwise noted.

NameURLQuick facts
Alibabaalibaba.comHeadquarters: Hangzhou World’s largest B2B sourcing portal China’s largest technology company Comprehensive Things to be aware of: counterfeits, scams, potential for erroneous supplier information Informal tag line: “Global trade starts here”
16881688.comHeadquarters: Hangzhou
Chinese-language version of Alibaba.com
Chinese language site
Headquarters: Hangzhou
Launched in 2010 by the Alibaba Group Platform for Chinese companies to sell to foreign consumers
Lower minimum order quantities
Both companies and individuals can sell on AliExpress
Things to be aware of: supplier verification (especially with individuals), scams Informal tag line: “Smarter shopping, better living”
Asian Products
asianproducts.comHeadquarters: Taipei, Taiwan Chinese: 亚洲产品 (yà zhōu chǎn pǐn)
Focus: Taiwanese and Chinese suppliers
Informal tag line: “Bridging the gap between buyers and suppliers”
Banggoodbanggood.comHeadquarters: Guangzhou
B2C platform focusing on electronics, robots, mobile phones and accessories
Informal tag line: “Shopping with fun. Best bang for your buck.”
B2B Manufacturers
Headquarters: Taichung, Taiwan
Focus: Taiwanese and Chinese suppliers; emphasis on industrial equipment
China Suppliers
en.china.cnHeadquarters: Beijing
Ownership: China Internet News Center (中国互联网新闻中心), a part of the State Council Information Office Exclusive Government Authorized B2B E-Marketplace in China
Informal tag line: “Connecting global buyers and China suppliers”
DH Gatedhgate.comHeadquarters: Beijing
Wholesale marketplace; lower minimum order quantities than other platforms
Known for a secure payment handling system; processes payment only after the buyer confirms receiving the products
Informal tag line: “Buy globally, sell globally”
DIYTradediytrade.comHeadquarters: Hong Kong
Good user experience
Broad-based industry representation
Informal tag line: “Global B2B trading platform”
EC21ec21.comHeadquarters: Seoul, South Korea
Popular with Chinese manufacturers
Informal tag line: “Global B2B marketplace”
EC Plazaecplaza.netHeadquarters: Seoul, South Korea
Good user experience
Informal tag line: “More trade chances for you”
ECVVecvv.comHeadquarters: Shenzhen
Endorsed by the American International Business Council
Informal tag line: “Challenge your trading”
Global Market
globalmarket.comHeadquarters: Guangzhou
Reputable representation of Chinese suppliers Global Manufacturing Certificate (GMC)
Informal tag line: “Certified manufacturers online”
Global Sources
globalsources.comHeadquarters: Hong Kong
Global reach (240 countries) serving 1.4 million global buyers
Host a trade show in Hong Kong
Informal tag line: “Reliable exporters: Find them and meet them”
GongChanggongchang.comHeadquarters: Zhengzhou
Chinese language site: 世界工厂 (shì jiè gōng chǎng)
Focus: Large-scale machinery and equipment
Leading B2B website for domestic trade Informal tag line: “World factory”
HC360hc360.comHeadquarters: Beijing
Chinese language site: 慧聪网 (huì cōng wǎng)
Leading B2B website for domestic trade
Informal tag line: “Wisdom clever site”
HKTDChktdc.comHeadquarters: Hong Kong
Ownership: Hong Kong Trade Development Council
Facilitates relationships between Hong Kong companies and foreign purchasers
Gateway sourcing
Informal tag line: “Your business, our mission”
made-in-china.comHeadquarters: Nanjing
Third-party platform connecting buyers with suppliers in China
Excellent user interface; good navigation
Individual Chinese suppliers can create their own home pages
Informal tag line: “Connecting buyers with Chinese suppliers”
Make Poloen.makepolo.comHeadquarters: Beijing
Search functionality similar to other Chinese sourcing websites in this list
Informal tag line: “Accurate purchasing search engine”
OFweeken.ofweek.comHeadquarters: Shenzhen
Focuses on high technology and electronics
Good user experience
Informal tag line: “Industrial B2B marketplace”
Taiwan Trade
taiwantrade.comHeadquarters: Taipei, Taiwan
Resource for identifying Taiwanese-operated companies in China
Tradekeytradekey.comHeadquarters: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Global with Chinese offices in Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing
B2B platform with both ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certifications
Informal tag line: “Your key to global trade”
Yiwubuyyiwubuy.comHeadquarters: Yiwu
Official website of Yiwu International Trade Market, the world’s largest small commodity wholesale market
Informal tag line: “Buy with peace of mind”

Additional Resources

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