5 Reasons to Verify your vendor in China

5 Reasons to Verify your vendor in China

There are many reasons to get an advanced company report on a company in China. Whether it is for a new vendor, or "overdue" diligence on an existing partner, we've compiled some of the most common reasons below. Our database of over 180+ million companies is available on demand, so whatever the reason, we're ready when you are.

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Five common reasons to get an advanced company report:

  1. Find out the UBO: you might need to know, for AML or simply due diligence reasons, who the ultimate beneficiary owner is.
  2. Verify a company before sending money: you may simply want to confirm a company is legitmate - and legitimately who they claim to be.
  3. IP concerns: you may want to determine what patents a company has for your own IP concerns, or concerns about infringing on the IP of other companies, you can check their state and federal trademark filings.
  4. Business scope questions: if you want to confirm your new partner legally registered to perform the business services they are offering.
  5. Legal judgements: uncover the history of  company legal issues including environmental practices and more.

Any of these sound familiar to you? Regardless of your reason, Nuna Network is here to help. We’re the partner of choice and go-to resource for businesses or individuals seeking guidance in researching, developing, and establishing relationships with companies in China.

Nuna Network offers more than a one-time report, but a range of validation, verification, and diligence services that help you determine the authenticity of a Chinese company. Check out our valuable guides, helpful tips, and other practical information to help you navigate the complex landscape of Chinese Businesses.